Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

From the very beginning of the year i have grown in many ways. I have grown from an ideas person to a producing person some of the time. I am still hit and miss with my projects. I have also learned that i am not a perfectionist and never will be, but i still need to focus on the details with my projects. Conceptually i always have ideas, but more than not, those ideas are not feasible with the limited resources and time we have in the DLC. Technology wise i have learned a lot, but more importantly i have learned that just because technology is there i don't have to use it. I am starting to see which technology matches which types of projects

I always seem proud when when i publicly speak in front of the class. Although i never say this, i feel proud because i know my dad loves to publicly speak, and i know that i speak the way i do because of my dad.

My most challenging project this year has been my themes of the civil war video. I had a vision on what it would look like, but it never seemed to come out the way i wanted it to. So i'd try to make it better, but it seemed like the video was only getting worse. I think if i would have produced my vision that i saw, then people would have seen what i was really about.

My favorite project this year has been my industrial revolution project. I feel that my group has really expressed what we are all about. Having fun!!! My hope for second semester is that i am a little more consistent with my projects, and i am able to get along with people i can't really get along with.


  1. WOW...through reading others blogs I am learning more and more about myself! I am noticing common similarities and yet...subtle differences....sparks of personality. I have grown just as you, changing and learning. Technology has so many possibilities! Each piece is unique and has a specific purpose. Mastering technology's use was hard for me at first but I quickly got a hang of it! I'm elated how comfortable you are speaking in public. I envy that wonderful talent. I have very high expectations for myself. I am sensitive too but I try not to show it...I want to fit in! Sometimes I seem hard, cold, but I don't mean to be! I just don't want to make a fool of myself! I bring people closer as a defense. If I create a good relationship with people they will be open, friendly, and won't hurt my feelings. Unfortunately this plan can backfire as the closer you are to someone the more it hurts when it doesn't work out. I want to be friends with everyone in the DLC but.....not everyone wants to be friends with me...:( I admire your outgoing personality and ability to make people laugh from across the room. If only I were skilled with such talents! I think The Thematic Causes of The Civil War was very challenging due to it's impossible length! I thought I'd never make it but ...I did! Great job with your blog! Thanks for sharing it with me! Through these blogs I learn more about others and surprisingly myself!

  2. I agree with you about having to focus on the project details. I am not a perfectionist, but a person with overly high expectations, and I always try to meet those expectations. I try and pay attention to details as much as I can, but sometimes I don’t as much as I would like. I know how you feel when you say that you hit and miss. I have also experienced a miss, and it effected me pretty badly. For the Stephen Crane project, my group didn’t cooperate as well as we could of, so our product wasn’t as good as I would like. That lowered my grade, and it was quite hard to bring it back up. I can relate to how, “I am starting to see which technology matches which types of projects”. But with you, when you hit, you hit hard. I have seen some of your projects, and when they are good, the are good! With the Stephen Crane project, the first go around, the game show was nice, and funny, but it was kind of hard to get the message of Stephen Crane through to the audience by exhibiting it through humor. We had to change it up a little bit. I also see what you mean when you talk about being proud when publicly speaking, although my dad doesn’t speak publicly like your dad does. I just love to get attention, and getting it through publicly speaking is good, because you don’t interrupt or bother anyone, and they are all paying attention to you. I completely agree with you about the Thematic Causes of the Civil War project was the most difficult. I had some technical difficulties, and that made it very stressful, because I had to get an extension. I was stressing out about getting it done, and it was quite challenging, but after I had finished it, the relief of getting that off of my back, and looking back on it, I take a lot of pride, and I thought that it turned out very well, despite the stress. I liked the Industrial Revolution project, because I love to speak publicly, and that what what you had to do. It was a lot of fun. What I am wondering, is, you said, “I know that I speak the way I do because of my dad.” Have your parents influenced your project work any other way?