Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

From the very beginning of the year i have grown in many ways. I have grown from an ideas person to a producing person some of the time. I am still hit and miss with my projects. I have also learned that i am not a perfectionist and never will be, but i still need to focus on the details with my projects. Conceptually i always have ideas, but more than not, those ideas are not feasible with the limited resources and time we have in the DLC. Technology wise i have learned a lot, but more importantly i have learned that just because technology is there i don't have to use it. I am starting to see which technology matches which types of projects

I always seem proud when when i publicly speak in front of the class. Although i never say this, i feel proud because i know my dad loves to publicly speak, and i know that i speak the way i do because of my dad.

My most challenging project this year has been my themes of the civil war video. I had a vision on what it would look like, but it never seemed to come out the way i wanted it to. So i'd try to make it better, but it seemed like the video was only getting worse. I think if i would have produced my vision that i saw, then people would have seen what i was really about.

My favorite project this year has been my industrial revolution project. I feel that my group has really expressed what we are all about. Having fun!!! My hope for second semester is that i am a little more consistent with my projects, and i am able to get along with people i can't really get along with.